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Analytics, behavioural triggers turn website visitors to loyal customers. In-depth insights help optimize better campaigns, list growth and more conversion to grow business - all in one place.

Cross Channel Orchestrations.

Cross-Channel Marketing raises strategies in which all channels are used in an integrated manner offering the user a complete experience. If same message is sent through all channels, in Cross-Channel marketing each channel provides its specificity to achieve a complete approach to users.

Nowadays the same user navigates in different devices and channels through which a brand impacts it with its products, normally in a differentiated way in each channel. Cross-channel orchestrations deliver valuable insights at each and every step helping marketers to achieve their goals. Like the way marketers use different channels to promote their brand, even customers no longer prefer single interface to engage with a brand.

Cross Channel Orchestration integrates all the channels, so that information is shared among them of the same user and personalized content can be offered while being in the channel in which it is. Customer’s participate in your Facebook account, tweet your brand, follow you on Instagram, browse online for options, talk to your support team, and walk into your store to get better deals. Our product helps to pull data from all channels and identifies the ones that customers did or didn’t engage with, follow through the channels and make sure that branding across social media, web, and email delivers seamless experience to your customers and push them towards conversions as it is vital for your ROI optimization.


Remarketing tries to sell the user a product that at first has not finished convincing him or for another reason he has not finally bought. The key to traditional remarketing is to offer the product again with an element that makes it attractive: a discount, an improvement in quality, advantages in other purchases etc.

As technology advances, new marketing strategies are emerging that adapt to new digital tools. Using our behavioral email marketing, you can personalize the email content according to different customer actions initiated in the website. Analyzing the search behavior on your website and having an automated system, we could generate a campaign that each client is looking for. Based on customer actions email campaigns can be targeted. Different kinds of customer analytics are tracked like page views, revenue & conversion, time spent, add to cart etc. This helps to create more personalized campaigns for customers and business, increasing sales.

Remarketing refers to the recovery of users interested in a certain product or service that have not finalized the purchase or contracting at first. This is achieved by sending an email with a reminder, optionally with a promotion or an offer and finalizes the purchase of a product. Remarketing has proven to have high conversion rates and so is one of the options to take into account in the sales strategy.

Best Practices.

Generating continues growth requires a lot of technical intelligence, practical knowledge, better understanding, a clear strategy and an organising skill to capture that growth. Today’s marketers cannot do everything at once or equally. They balance being a strategist, technologist, visionary, innovator and creative directors. But our talent and expertise in this field will help you achieve success. Our best practice is to assemble all marketing actions which include data, content and creatives to generate a program that can integrate to any channel to connect your customers through engagement, acquisition and loyalty programs.

iCubesPro extends digital marketing strategy to your website to enable Omni channel experience that identifies and distinguish between website users and visitors they want. Entry and exit pop-ups build customer conversion and retention abilities. It presents adaptive and intelligent product recommendations with personalised content and measure the revenue in real time thereby transforming customer journey to success.