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Feature Pro

Live Content

Kill the monotonicity of your promotional emails by using live content feeds directly cropped from your website. Web cropping feature allows the marketer across the verticals custom insertion of the web content to your template ensuring that the customer is served with live and up-to date product details, trending products, dynamic replacement for products out of stock, live news feeds, updated stock value etc.

A/B Split Release

A/B split testing allows you to send two or more different versions of your campaign to randomly selected control groups of your list giving an edge for each of your email campaigns. The winner can be decided based on opens, clicks, unsubscribes or even spam complaints and importantly a suppression segment can be applied on the A/B split release to ensure maximum fine tuning of the sample database to be tested. The winning version can be either automatically or manually scheduled to the rest of the user base.

A/B Split Release

Dripped Release

A very useful feature for the marketers who are planning to schedule high volume campaigns enabling distributed releases in batches. The whole mailing list or a specific segment of the list, can be split into batches of your choice and mailing can be distributed over a time frame to ensure that the most engaged customers receives the campaigns on priority. The dripped release functionality ensures better deliverability while handling mass email campaigns.

Template Builder

Campaigns take a new framework with agile tools providing the marketer a world class campaign building experience. Seamless campaign creation workflow utilizing a gallery of fully customizable mobile responsive email templates makes campaign creation an easy to handle task. In case if the marketer wants to create your own template, the rich editor gives the provision to choose the layout of their choice and html blocks can be placed simply via a drag and drop button.

Countdown Timers

Bring in a sense of urgency among the customers for an improvised call to action using the powerful function of countdown timers! Conveniently designed, a simple drag and drop button helps the marketer to pre-set the time frame in synchronisation to the deal time published in the website/microsite/app. The mail recipients irrespective of their time of the campaign response, get to know the time left for the deal to expire and if already expired can be re-directed to a different landing image/page. Further the timer skins available in four colour combinations – pink, blue, black and green helps provide better creative options for the marketer and a better user experience too for the email recipient.

Dynamic Image Serving

This powerful feature helps marketer serve images that changes dynamically over a pre-set time frame. They can smartly utilize dynamic image serving during any limited period offers, say for example, on Black Friday sales in combination with the timer function to create smart campaigns ensuring better user engagement. As a sizable base of the email users revisits the emails they had once read through, dynamic image serving with the real time updation of the deal duration, encourages immediate call to action enhancing email revenue.


Advanced trend analysis offered by the platform helps the marketer gather important insights across the campaigns which includes hourly open based line charts, cumulative reports, and open-click histograms. The visual analytics presented as heat maps provides valuable insights about in-email user engagement aiding you to optimise your future campaigns. The 360 degree analytics supplements you with rich information covering real time in-app redirects (iApplinks), mail client, operating system, device, and browser specific customer engagement data and more.


The marketers can do highly intuitive, data driven and personalized targeting based on user profiles, user engagement and post click-through user behavior. The advanced segmentation capabilities featuring device specific behaviors and web analytics takes care that the marketers build smart segments for their campaigns. The segments can be conveniently created using easy-to-use drag n drop GUIs.


State of the art reporting capabilities offers you generation of standard subscriber engagement reports, campaign comparisons, cumulative message reports with visual representations, consumption audit reports and more. In-depth reporting of the individual user engagement is provided by the powerful Customer Engagement Report (CER). The web analytic module provides funnel reports on landing page user engagement across categories, product groups, new customer additions, conversions and more.

Rich Dashboard

Dashboard, the enriched library of iCubesPro is composed of three main modules, – account summary, campaigns and event calendar. The accounts summary tab provides a comprehensive overview of the account giving the customer first-hand information of the account including top performing campaigns, overall account status, device and browser specific aggregate campaign reports etc. The campaigns module provides with the details of the latest campaigns sent. The event calendar gives a brief but precise daily, weekly or monthly representation of the campaigns that are scheduled and send.


iCubesPRO offers powerful token based APIs which ensuring high level security. The tokens could be either IP based or key based API depending upon the customer request. Rich API support realises custom integration capabilities for the platform.

Triggered Conditional Messaging(TCM)

Now engage your customers through SMS, based on their email campaign behaviour using our Triggered Conditional Messaging (TCM).TCM can be used to send instant automated SMS alerts across all transactional categories. Triggered Conditional Messaging (TCM) is also available as a stand-alone SMS Marketing Module.

Social Retargeting

Cross channel retargeting featuring Facebook integration helps you in serving highly targeted customs ads to your users which are served based on their email engagement and smartly combining the re-targeting capabilities of the face book custom audience. The most enticing proposition on iCubesPro Facebook custom audience retargeting includes auto-synchronization of the active records across both the platforms and capability to serve different banner ads of your choice, say for example - all the users who clicks on a specific URL receives one ad format while they login to their Facebook account whereas the non-responders are targeted with a re-engagement banner ad.


The marketers could now make use deep linking function that significantly improves user experience and a step further to user acquisition ensuring soaring revenues. They could now decide upon where to re-direct the mobile users post click-through using configuration setting. The iCubesPRO iAppLinks function detects if the user has the company application installed in their mobiles – and if yes, open the landing page optimised for e-purchase and if not, re-direct them either to the website/microsite or app screen in the store where they are prompted to install the app , launch it and asking them to complete the purchase. This feature works equally well across Windows and iPhone platforms. Android environments realised with intent filters are also supported.

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