Predictive Intelligent Emails

One-on-one email communication is redefined.

Serve hyper personalised and automated emails to your subscribers so that they won’t refuse the offers you provide. With Predictive Intelligent Emails, you can send individual product recommendations and top trending products along with your standard promotional emails or automated cart abandonment triggers.

How it looks ?

How it works ?

One-on-one product recommendations

Personalised product recommendations for each individual customer based on the user behaviour on the website.

Top trending products inclusion

Inclusion of best-selling products in your standard promotional emails, cart abandonment or standalone which enables a higher probability of customer engagement.

Cutting-edge Machine Learning technology

Machine Learning technology powers the whole process to auto-fetch the recommended products and most trending products in the mailer body based on machine learning.

Hyper personalisation and automation

Empowering tailored contents inside the email body which redefines one-on-one communication in email marketing resulting in 6 fold surge customer engagement and conversion rate.

Drag and drop editor

With our easy-to-use drag and drop editor, you can effortlessly create responsive email within no time; works both on desktop and mobile devices. Customised email body which is simple yet beautifully crafted calls the attention of every individual subscriber to take further action on it.

Learn how India’s leading fashion jewellery e-tailer achieved 4 times more customer engagement and revenue with iCubesPro Predictive Intelligent Emails.

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