Predictive Keyword
Recommendation Tool

Get the best performing keyword & content suggestions,
and receive good open rates, click rates,
and conversion rates for your email marketing campaigns.

Why Use Predictive Keyword Recommendation Tool?

The best running email campaigns are formulated based on relevant keywords. This is where the iCubesPro keyword suggestion tool comes as a benefit. It suggests suitable, precise, and action-oriented keywords for your email marketing campaigns. This help to boost your email open rates, clicks, and conversion rates on the go.

Receive the best and appropriate keyword recommendations from your historic campaigns with the help of an artificial intelligence-powered algorithm. It identifies and suggests you the top keywords to target your customers. In addition, it assists you to get the best email engagements by recommending the best performing hours and days to send your marketing campaigns, depending on campaign history performance.

Moreover, it analyses and shares the campaign history performance at different times of a day or week. Likewise, it also recommends the word count to be used to attain the best open rates. This data support you to decide the most suitable time to send an email campaign.

Following are the significant features that make iCubesPro
the best keyword recommendation tool

Superior Keyword Suggestions

Our smart keyword analysis platform even suggests you the keyword length to be kept to receive the best open rates and direct sales qualified traffic to your webpage.

Keyword Suggestion List

After you select the mailing list, our artificial intelligence-powered platform recognises the best audience-specific keywords and displays them in a list format.

History-Based Suggestions

Get the top-performing keyword suggestions that give more open rates based on the keywords used, target audience and more from your campaign history.

Performance-Based Suggestions

Receive the top-performing keyword suggestions that also recommend the best performing hours and days to send your email campaigns based on your campaign history.