Project Services

Single automated platform with integrated features serving endless possibilities.

Automation features and capabilities integrated in a comprehensive platform to enhance marketing effectiveness making sure that every series you send is better than the last.

Smart Projects.

Customized application development adapted to the particular needs of your business or entity allows focusing on some objectives or specific needs. We develop smart projects that will allow you to control your customers in an easy and convenient way and can also generate reports and statistics of all your online marketing activities.

The knowledge about your clients and their requirements comes mainly from tracking their behaviour during their visits to your website. Exclusive functionalities of our marketing platform can automate marketing, sales activities and provide information from customers directly to and from the CRM, ERP. This helps to get a clear vision of how a user behaves, by what phases they buy and the segment of customers who are profitable can be known thereby increasing sales opportunities.

Subscription Base Building.

Email providers have become increasingly smart and recipients are more selective with what they want to receive in their inbox. Bounce rate, spam complaints & unsubscriptions are the 3 major pillars of email deliverability. As a best practice of email marketing, it’s always suggested to bring in opted in data base and try the most active database that helps for uplifting the sender domain reputation, better inbox placements as well as deliver good engagement matrix. Therefore, it is recommended to review these metrics in your email marketing system to do list clean-ups that may affect the reputation you have with email providers.

  • Request permission through the doubleopt-in: This is the first step if we want to make sure that our emails will not be rejected and marked as spam. Users will receive a notification in their mail to confirm (or reject) if they really want to subscribe to that list. In this way we make sure that these people have a real interest in our product or service.

  • Use smart lists instead of static ones: The smart lists of email marketing will allow us to incorporate (or eliminate) and classify automatically, and according to the filters that we have established to keep database updated and organized based on the criteria that most interest us in the face of sending emails.

  • Control bounces of shipments: We must eliminate all emails with hard bounces, because this tells us that the address no longer exists and insist on sending emails will reduce. The soft rebounds, although a priori do not pose a problem, but should be controlled.

  • If we have any doubt about the origin of a record, it is always better not to include it. We do not want our database to be contaminated or our reputation damaged by couriers of uncertain or unreliable origin.