Mobile app productively exploited

Push Messages

Instantly hit your customer’s mobile screen with relevant updates to drive him/her to the app.

Personalised notification

Notifications that are tailored for every individual end customer making pushes very relevant.

Up sell and cross sell

Effectively insist customers to upgrade the product or associated product when they are in the platform.


Advanced analysis to help the marketer gather deep and important insights across the platform and optimise future campaigns.

Behavioural Triggers

Push automated triggers based on customer behaviour with the products or items they are most likely to buy or show interest respectively.


Technology that comprehensively performs on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.


Divide and conquer your customer through intelligent personalized targeting based on user profiles, and engagement behaviour.

Geo Zone

Generate location-based automated push notifications to users when they are in a specific area.

Deep linking

Automated redirection to the mobile app or its particular page when the customer who already has the app clicks on the link.

Cart abandonment

Remind the customer when they leave cart without purchasing or offer them discounts to complete the purchase.

Product recommendation

Recommend products to the customer based on his/her behaviour.

User re-engagement

Maximize user engagement with pre-set and pre-proven metrics.

Schedule push

Prepare and schedule the content to be pushed at your targeted time to deliver the most conversion rate.

Targeted notification

Pushes, targeting premium or best performing customers, that are intended to create higher conversion.

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