RSS to Push notifications

Giving your web content an edge!

Powerful Customer Retention and Re-engagement tool.

Never let your subscribers miss a single blog post or video. This maximizes your chances that visitors will stay connected to your content which helps you to generate more traffic and revenue.

Built specifically for bloggers, publishers, and content creators

The best way to ensure that your susbcribers gets real time notifications for the fresh blogs and news your publish. Works as a powerful customer retention and re-engagement tool.

Creates multi-fold customer engagegement and website visits

Real time content serving ensuring increased page views, additional traffic and more revenue.

Seamless Integration

Get in-depth report of customer engagement, campaigns, and website activities with visual representations. With our powerful Customer Engagement Report (CER), you can easily generate individual user behaviour report across categories, product groups, new customer additions, conversions and more.

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