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Reach out your unengaged customers with a comprehensive SMS Marketing platform.

Compared to 4.6 billion mobile phone users in the world, only 2.1 billion people are using smartphone, which clearly calls out how weighty the SMS marketing services are apart from the digital marketing that works only with the access to internet connectivity. With iCubesPro's cutting edge SMS platform, marketers are offered a manipulated opportunity at its most penetrative way. Get started now and make the most with the most affordable bulk SMS service provider.

Our services let you send your SMS globally in large quantities with professional quality which allow us to know the opinion of our clients in a more modern and less intrusive way. Reaching a number of people at the same time is ensured through our platform. In-depth SMS campaign reporting tracks client activities that let you improve your database.

SMS services can be part of your multi-channel marketing strategy, and be integrated with other products such as email campaigns, websites, CRM/ERP etc. For example, you can send an online feedback form via email and if you do not get an answer, send an SMS feedback to their mobile. In this way you can better define your communications and increase the effectiveness through automated process. Our professional team can help you with designing your own strategy, as well as providing best in class support to all your professional communications.

Channel Specific Ad Creation

Amazing Features

Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS

Take the intact advantage of iCubesPro's stacked up mass-SMS-campaign feature which helps marketers having layman's knowhow to easily push promotional messages to the end customers.

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS

Instantly send transactional SMSs like OTP, transaction alert, order confirmation etc., to your customers. Transactional SMS can be sent 24/7.



Experience the most reliable, flexible and easily adaptable SMS API gateway in the market. With our powerful API, we help you integrate simple text messaging on your platform.

Personalised Sender ID

Personalised Sender ID

Convert every opportunity into branding. Get a personalized sender ID that gives further mileage to your brand identity and campaign.

Triggered Conditional Messaging

A revolutionary conditional messaging tool intended to productively help marketers automatically push SMSs and Push Notifications, based on email campaign engagement.

Web-based SMS Management Portal

Enable an easier SMS marketing management than ever with our web-based SMS portal that allows you to send bulk SMS from your platform.

Unlimited Contact Storage

Unlimited Contact Storage

Let the numbers be innumerable. Our SMS marketing platform is capable to securely cache unlimited contacts and push them texts as per client's requirement.


Pre-plan and schedule now. Just create the text, complete the campaign steps, set the time you want SMSs to be sent, and done!


Advanced analysis to help the marketer gather deep user behaviour insights across the platform and optimise future campaigns.


Send personalized SMSs to your leads and customers by mentioning their first name, account number, unique promo code etc.

DND Filtering

With our DND filtering capability, messages aren't pushed to DND numbers unless it is transactional message.

SMS Autoresponders

SMS Autoresponders

Help your customers get assistance, business contact or product information by allowing them to request for the same via text message 24/7.

Click Tracking Report

The next level in iCubesPro SMS module is click tracking report. It gives insights to the customers who have clicked the links in your SMS campaign and also the number of times each link was clicked.


Always let your subscriber’s know that they can opt-out anytime. This helps to target your potential customer and maintain brand reputation by avoiding allegations of unethical practices.

Fastest Delivery

Best-in-class SMS gateway that ensures faster delivery and reaches a number of people at the same time. The campaign features push SMS through different routes meeting all the TRAI regulations.

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