Triggered Conditional

Nurture your customer value by delivering personalized triggers at every touchpoint using iCubesPro triggered conditional messaging.

Triggered conditional messaging (TCM) is an email centric marketing tool that helps marketers build a strong relationship with their customers. Your customers will only receive relevant notifications through email and web push. With timely follow-ups, TCM helps you keep your audience engaged, and automatically drive engagement.

Welcome Trigger Series

Schedule a welcome trigger series for your new customers or website subscribers instantly and automatically. If they don't open your welcome emails, you can set a reminder email in advance. Again if they read your emails, you can initiate conversion based triggers.

Cart & Browser Abandonment Triggers

If your customer abandons your ecommerce site, you can immediately preset a cart abandonment email showing an offer to make him proceed with the purchase decision. Similarly, browser abandonment triggers will let you send emails showing similar products or services to those who didn't take any action from the web browser.

Birthday & Anniversary Mailer

Everyone loves when they get personal attention or wish during their special days like birthdays, wedding, job or event anniversaries. iCubesPro makes your customers day memorable with birthday & anniversary mailer trigger services.

Customer Life Cycle Mapping

Plot your customers’ journey with automated, omnichannel marketing that helps you accelerate sales with timely and relevant messages.

Automated Omnichannel Retargeting

iCubesPro deliver a united and consistent experience at every touchpoint across channels with contextual marketing. We remember your customer's previous interactions and help them continue the communication from one channel to the other.

Smarter Segmentation

Using smarter segmentation in triggered conditional messaging, you can target your audience segment-wise to serve precise and personalised notifications to generate better output.

Email Behavioural Based Triggers

It’s an email centric platform that solely works around customers email behaviour. The system initiates multi-channel triggers based on every single customer’s email behaviour.

Personalised Customer Retargeting

Perform a one-on-one communication approach to proliferate your customer interaction from the very first message they receive to ensure hyper-personalisation.

Multifold ROI

With triggered conditional messaging you can obtain multifold ROI as it helps you lower the operation cost and sales cycle length with automated, email behavioural based triggers.

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