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Create valuable and personal pitches at scale with our simple, futuristic and automated platform.

Award winning, Best in class email marketing solutions facilitating creation, delivery of contextual, one-to-one campaigns harnessing the power of Machine Learning data.

Seamlessly handle the entire gamut of your emails programs including automated welcome programs, API based triggered alerts, responsive templates, precision targeting, remarketing and predictive content recommendations ensuring multi-fold uplift from your email programs.


Rich Dashboard

Best in Class Campaign Scheduler

Responsive Templates

A/B Test with Auto scheduling of the Winner

Engagement based Priority Sending

Predictive Intelligent Emails

Our dynamic and futuristic automated platform is all you need to run the best Email Marketing Campaign ever.

Want to increase sales? Looking ways to sell up to your customers? Our all in one email marketing automation software will help you grow your business.

  • Easy to use email marketing solution for today’s fast growing business
  • Custom made marketing solutions for your business
  • We excel in Web and Mobile Responsive Development
  • Monitor results and track your success in every step
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List Manager

Increasing your mailing list can be considered the initial step of the sales funnel to attract new visitors.Create relevant mailing lists, disable the less engaged and remove invalids to develop a quality database to make way through sales funnel and save the cost of your campaigns.

Conversion goal based Welcome Program

Email welcome program, a well-structured series of emails part of an automated program providing subscription confirmation, services information, relevant offers sent out at a set interval or initiated by customer actions. An important effort of email marketing that serves a unique and logical purpose to help building solid customer relationship, more conversions and higher revenue.

Smarter segmentation

Start delivering highly intuitive, data driven and personalized one to one emails to your customer base. Precision audience can be built based on customers’ demographic profiles, engagement, preferences, historic transaction or browsing data or even device specific behaviours.

Dynamic Image Serving

Serve images that change dynamically over a pre-set time frame. ICubesProDynamic Image functionality can be smartly deployed for campaigns designed with exclusive offers that are served for a limited period.

Live Content

Provide live content feeds directly cropped from your website which ensures your customers receives live and up-to-date dynamic replacement for out-of-stock products, live news feeds, updated stock value etc.

Count Down Timers

Bring in a sense of urgency among the customers for any big deal you offer with a call-to-action countdown timer! Simply, set the time frame in synchronisation to the deal time published on the website, microsite, or app, and start pushing the emails.

Behavioural Triggers & Omni Channel Retargeting

Automated conditional triggers based on user behavioural. The marketer can schedule custom action based cross channel triggers helping enterprises achieve higher ROI. To know more about TCM.

Highly Secure API

Powerful token based APIs ensuring high level security and custom integration capabilities. The tokens could be either IP based or key based API depending upon the customer request.

Deep Linking

Redirect the mobile user post click on any of the hyperlinked texts or call-to-action buttons to mobile app, or respective apps’ store or responsive landing page if app isn’t installed on user’s mobile.

eCommerce Integration

Synchronise data from your CRM or eCommerce platforms like Magento or Prestashop to iCubesPro List Manager to increase effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

Facebook Custom audience Remarketing

Cross-match the users across the email list and Facebook and create smart custom Facebook campaigns based on user engagement on your email programs.The capability allows the marketer to smartly re-engage those customers who are either inactive or who have unsubscribed from your email programs. Additionally, the marketer can build custom social audiences based on aggregated email engagement data enhancing long lasting customer engagement and better conversions.

Web analytics based Precision campaigns

Web analytics analyses statistics such as clicks, views, opens, behaviour giving a better understanding of your customer journey taking campaigns to next level like Custom Web Pushes, Advanced Triggers, Conditional Messaging, Dynamic Mailers etc. Rich dashboard with web analytics feature measures all your customer actions and delivers useful and precise content to consumers and thereby optimizing conversion rate to multifold.

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

State of the art reporting capabilities offers you subscriber engagement reports, campaign comparisons, message reports with visual representations, consumption audit reports and more.

Advanced analysis to help the marketer gather deep user behaviour insights across each of the promotional campaigns and helps them to build highlyprecise future campaigns, to learn more about advanced analytics click here

Industry Best Deliverability

Email deliverability is a major factor in every campaign. Our expertise in email industry ensures to keep a high deliverability rate to build long term customer relationship by following the best practices, tools and resources. Maintain a good sender reputation by keeping a healthy database, bounce management and accurate authentications.
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World Class Customer Support

We take pride in providing world class customer service through guidance, configuration assistance and product expertise you need to achieve. Our dedicated team will stand by you in every step from start and beyond. Technical service is provided in two ways to support your business needs, Self-service & Full service.


Send emails from your application with ease now, with the iCubesPro SMTP relay service. All you need is your username, password, the SMTP server hostname and the SMTP port from your iCubesPro account. Once these details are configured in your application's SMTP configuration settings, you are good to go.

Should you need more feature integration with your application, iCubesPro provides the right APIs as well. iCubesPro APIs provide capabilities for syncing users from your website to panel and vice versa. You can also sync the unsubscribes and fetch reports using the APIs directly to your panel.