Predictive Recommendations

Cutting edge personalised product recommendation engine that stands out!

Our personalised product recommendation engine assist you automatically trigger a-new-kind-of highly personalised recommendation emails, browser web push notifications, mobile push notifications to your customers comprising Cart Abandonment Reminder, Affinity Recommendation, and Popular Product Recommendation in a single personalised email and notification to ensure higher web hits and conversion rate than ever.

Cart abandonment reminder

Send personalised emails to your customers after a pre-set interval reminding them when they abandon the cart with incomplete purchase.

Affinity recommendation

Push personalised emails like “Customers who bought this item also bought…”, and “Customers who viewed this item also viewed…” when visitors complete purchase or abandon the cart respectively.

Popular product recommendation

Send personalized emails with most popular items you would like to recommend and which have higher probability that the subscribers can buy them.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analysis to help the marketer gather deep and important insights across the platform and optimise future campaigns.

Behavioural Triggers

Push automated trigger emails based on customer behaviour with the products or items they are most likely to buy or show interest respectively.

Artificial Intelligence

Our proficient developers have developed a world class platform that works on cutting edge Machine Learning technology making no room for manual errors ensuring higher conversion rate.