Scale up your business coherently with high productivity-oriented tools.

Move on with simplified products. iCubesPro provides you everything you need to automate your marketing campaigns with web push notifications, and Push notifications services.


Our Super Products


Predictive Intelligent Emails

Start serving hyper intelligent one-on-one product recommendations in your email programs, and multifold user engagement and conversion rate.

Triggered Conditional Messaging

Explore iCubesPro's compendious Triggered Conditional Messaging that instantly acts to increasing the revenue of B2C platforms.

Web Push Notification

Browsers, OSs, Mobiles, Tablets, and Desktops are all perforated. Get as much as customer engagement for a higher conversion.

Push Notification

Make your customers always engaged with effective mobile app push notifications.

cMercury List Builder

Detect when a user is about to leave the website and provide him an ineluctable offer through a popup.

Predictive Recommendation

Send highly personalised recommendation emails to your customers comprising Cart Abandonment Reminder, Affinity Recommendation, and Popular Product Recommendation in a single email.

Web Analytics

Leverage digital marketing campaigns to the next level with deep insights of your customers' views, clicks, sessions, behaviour, and conversions.

Facebook Retargeting

Synchronise your email campaign with Facebook simply and automatically to retarget your customers on Facebook using their attributes - email address and phone number from the list.

Predictive Web Recommendation

Make your customers always engaged with effective mobile app push notifications. Our intelligent wing of engineers assist you to integrate iOS, Android, Google & all mobile app push notifications on your app.

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